My work with couples is based on the premise that love relationships are a major foundation of emotional health and well-being. I am trained in Intimacy From the Inside Out (IFIO), the couples version of Internal Family Systems (IFS). IFIO helps partners identify their differences with compassion and curiosity. By developing the skills to differentiate your needs, boundaries, and wounds, you and your partner can improve communication and learn to speak and listen from a place of kindness. Compassionate communication allows you to understand each other’s perspective, apologize and forgive from a place of sincerity, and develop a sense of attunement with each other. This attunement creates a deeper connection, resulting in a stronger sense of self and stability within all aspects of your life.


I work with individuals to create lasting change in managing a wide range of problems, including depression, anxiety, disordered eating and body image issues, trauma, relationship issues, grief, and many others. I use multiple therapeutic methods depending on the needs and interests of the client, but my primary lens is Internal Family Systems (IFS). For IFS, the self is not a single, consistent personality, but many personalities with their own complicated dynamics. These parts emerge out of efforts to protect yourself and adapt to your circumstances, but some parts can be dysfunctional in ways that perpetuate unhelpful patterns. IFS is a tool to help you become aware of the parts of yourself that are giving you difficulty in order to break old habits and establish new patterns.