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My work with couples is based on the premise that love relationships are a major foundation of emotional health and well-being. I am trained in Intimacy from the Inside out (IFIO), which is the couples version of IFS. IFIO is a model that helps partners identify their differences with compassion and curiosity. I will help you and your partner improve communication by developing the skills to speak for your needs, boundaries, and wounds in a more skillful way. The goal is to speak and listen from a place of kindness in order to understand each other’s perspective, apologize and forgive from a place of sincerity, and develop a sense of attunement in your primary relationship. This attunement creates a deeper connection, resulting in a stronger sense of self and stability within all aspects of your life.


The range of challenges we face in our adulthood is broad. I work with individuals to create lasting change in managing a wide range of problems, including depression, anxiety, disordered eating and body image issues, trauma, relationship issues, grief, and many others. I have training in Internal Family Systems (IFS), Sensorimotor Therapy, and EMDR, and use these and other methods depending on the needs and interests of the client.